Penis size is a sensitive topic among men. When it comes to penis size, quantity matters, and any man out there will tell you that he wishes to have a slightly larger member. This is why penis enlargement procedures have gained popularity in recent years. Before you even think about undergoing the procedures, there are several facts that you should keep in mind. Here are 10 facts about penis enlargement procedures.


1. Penis Enlargement Reduces Sexual Anxiety

Men who undergo penis enlargement feel have a better outlook about themselves. Similarly, they have high self-esteem and optimal sexual functioning. On the other hand, those who dislike the small size of their penises tend to have sexual anxiety, which often leads to sexual dysfunction.

2. Surgery isn’t the Only Enlargement Option

Many people think that surgery is the only penis enlargement procedure. This isn’t the case because there are lots of options out there. You may choose to undergo surgery, or even use products such as the Titan gel. Stretching exercises have also been found to be effective. Generally, surgery is costlier than the other enlargement procedures.

3. Surgery Can Be Risky

Studies related to the use of surgical procedures for penis enlargement show that they often have mixed results as far as effectiveness, patient safety, and satisfaction are concerned. At best, surgical procedures including the division of suspensory ligament in the penis only add a paltry 1 centimeter to a flaccid penis’s appearance. Nonetheless, the procedures don’t alter the length of a penis. Surgery can also lead to further complications including penile infection, loss of function, and scarring.

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Often, surgical enhancement entails splitting suspensory ligaments that attach the penis to your pubic bone. Thereafter, skin is moved to your penile shaft from the abdomen. When the suspensory ligaments are severed, your penis will seem to be longer because most of it will be hanging down.

4. Surgical Enhancement isn’t Meant for Cosmetic Purposes

Very few patients actually need surgery to enhance the length of their penises. Only those whose penises do not function normally as a result of an injury or a birth effect should undergo surgery. Even though some practitioners offer cosmetic enlargement procedures, it is generally seen to be unnecessary.

5. Not All Penis Enlargement Products are Safe or Effective

If you are looking to add a couple of inches to your penis, you have probably come across ads for creams, ointments, pills, and creams. Some sellers even go ahead to offer money-back guarantees.

These offers are tempting but nonetheless, some treatments that are purported to work are actually ineffective. Some are even sold illegally since they are not medically approved in the first place. Such treatments pose a significant threat to your health, and can even cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you should watch out for unlicensed medications since they are potentially dangerous.

6. Penis Enlargement is Affordable

One of the myths that have been peddled in the public domain is that penis enlargement procedures are expensive. In as much as we cannot refute the fact that surgical procedures are expensive, there are more affordable and effective options. Products such as Gel Titan are available from as low as $20. Therefore, any many who wishes to enhance the size of his member can do so without worrying about the costs involved.

7. Penis Enhancement Products Work Differently on Different People

One penis enlargement product may lead to different results among men who try them out. Some will have more positive outcomes compared to others. Therefore, you shouldn’t use a product simply because it has achieved positive results in someone you know. This underlines the importance of consulting your doctor before using a product.

8. Lengthening Using Weights can Injure Your penis

The use of weights to lengthen the penis is popular among men. This typically entails stretching the penis by hanging weight on it. Even so, this requires a lot of dedication since you will need to strap weights on the penis for up to 8 hours every day. Although the use of weights isn’t medically proven, it has led to positive outcomes in several men. Nonetheless, it increases the risk of injuring your penis.

9. Lengthening the Penis Doesn’t Enhance Female Sexual Pleasure

The length and girth of your penis don’t increase the sexual satisfaction of your partner. Studies indicate that penile size is unimportant to most women. A bigger penis only serves to enhance your self-esteem thus boosting your confidence and sexual performance. Your general outlook towards sex is also likely to be more positive after you enhance the size of your penis. This will ultimately boost your sexual pleasure.

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10. The Flaccid Length of the Penis Isn’t Affected

Penis enlargement is mostly geared towards increasing the length of an erect penis. Probably, the length of your flaccid penis won’t change much when you undergo an enlargement procedure. It is only surgical procedures which also increase the flaccid length of the penis since it will appear to be hanging down.

Also, you shouldn’t expect immediate results after undergoing a penis enlargement procedure. You will only start noticing changes after a couple of weeks. Surgery is the only procedure that typically has immediate results but even so, you shouldn’t engage in sex immediately after. This will help prevent injury. The results of using pills, creams, Titan gel start showing a few weeks after you start using them.


Penis size is a topic that throws many men off-balance. If you are dissatisfied about the size of your member, there are many procedures that you can use to rectify your perceived handicap. You should find the safest and most reliable method for increasing your penis size.

Apart from consulting your doctor, you should also communicate with your partner so that you overcome any worries that you have about your penis size even after undergoing a procedure. This will help boost your sexual confidence. Similarly, regular exercise and eating a proper diet will help maintain the results of penis enlargement.