There are many reasons you are not enjoying your sexual life, this can be worrisome considering the fact that good sex is one major factor for a successful marriage. This can also be a major concern if you have once lived an active sexual life, but could no longer perform effectively due to low libido. Diseases associated with sex, depression, excessive intake of alcohol etc. could be responsible for your sexual inactiveness.

Diseases Associated With Sexual Inactiveness.

  1. Diabetes – this is a disease which occurs when there is an abnormal blood sugar concentration in the body. This affects both Men and women and if not properly taking care of could lead to impotence in men. Increased blood sugar concentration in the body results to the accumulation of sugar molecules around cells which in turn blocks the circulation of blood to some part of the body, especially male organ region. Diabetes could also lead to heart disease.
  2. Gonorrhea – is an extremely contagious bacterial infection. This disease affects both men and women, it could affect your sex drive and eventually resulting to infertility in the carrier irrespective of gender if not treated. Some of the symptoms includes white to yellowish green penile discharge, pain while urinating, and pain in genitals (men). While in women, painful and frequent urination, pain in the lower abdomen, and vaginal discharge.
  3. Arthritis – this is a joint disorder that results in pain, it is hereditary and cut across age and sex. Though it is commonly found in aged people. When there is a loss in elasticity in cartilages, the ligaments and the tendons become increasingly strained which result in severe pain. Arthritis affects the quality of sex in both genders, while nurturing a severe pain, you’re unlikely to think about sex.
  4. Dyspareunia –this is also known as intercourse pain, this exclusively affects women during sex. When you experience physical pain during sex, you’re likely to be suffering from Dyspareunia. Causes include skin disorders/disease around genitals, STIs are also a major cause. Presence of this pain will affect the victim’s libido.
  5. Genital Wart and HPV – it is a disease that is sexually transmitted. The development of warts in some specific part of your body, especially genitals is a sign of genital wart. When not treated could lead to penile or cervical cancer.
  6. Hepatitis B – this is caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is a serious disease that could lead to liver failure, liver cancer and ultimately death.
  7. Low Testosterone – Testosterone is responsible for sex drive, when there is a decline in this hormone in your body system, your sex drive decreases.

 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

  • Regular Exercise – is a way to improving your sex, a regular indoor workout and outdoor exercise could help increase the production of testosterone in your body. Exercise could also help the flow of blood in your body to every necessary part.
  • Avoid Stress –Avoid any stress filled life, stress could lead to depression. When you avoid anything related to stress, you’re helping your body system to be active. Adequate sleep and light exercise will help you achieve this.
  • Food – What you ingest into your body system is very important, eat more fruits and vegetables, they are good for healthy living. If you’re suffering from diabetes, avoid food that will add sugar to your body.

Read about Titan Gel results, it can helps you to improve your sex life. Proper and effective care would definitely put a stop or reduces the risk associated with these diseases, consulting a medical expert is highly recommended. Failure to treat on time could lead to a chronic illness.