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recognize mental disorder

The mental disorder affecting sexual life

Inability to cope up with life demands is known as mental illness. In many countries it becomes are a rare problem nowadays. It is related to an excess amount of stress due to some specific situations.

It affects sexual life

When a person is suffering from the worst depression, then he or she won’t enjoy the sex. At the time of these types of stress, sex becomes the least priority for the individual. This mental illness can affect their self-esteem, and as a result, it affects their desires of sex in their life. However, it is stated by a different psychiatrist that excess about of sex can cause sex mental disorder. It can affect your family and your relationships. Sex addiction can also cause mental health issues.

Obsessed with sex

Those who got obsessed with sex will affect their mental health. This type of addiction is caused due to multiple numbers of affairs and different marriages. This type of addiction is not for both mental and physical health.

Low libido

There is another factor that affects sexual relationship. Low libido is one of the factors that create tensions in the relationship. Due to which individuals don’t enjoy their sex. This will badly affect their relationship and mental health. Read how to use Titan Gel to increase your libido.


Asexuality is one of the disorder in which a person doesn’t have sexual desires and are not attracted to a sexual relationship.

So these are the reasons that are affecting sexual relationship. When a person is mentally disturbed or stressed out, he or she doesn’t focus on their relationship. As a result, it will affect the mental health of a certain person. So individual must cope up in the following way:

  • They should accept their feelings
  • They should manage their unusual behavior
  • Create a network that will support them. The person that support you in such condition must be your family and friends.
  • Try to give time to your family which will be completely ignored by your behavior and take time to move out with your family.
  • Counseling is the most important thing for you. So you must take counseling from some expert to deal with such mental disorder.

So these above mentioned are some of the mental disorders its effect and how you have to deal with this. Remember nothing is impossible in this world. You have to work hard on yourself and make yourself mentally healthy

diseases affecting sex

7 Diseases Having Impact On Sexual Life

There are many reasons you are not enjoying your sexual life, this can be worrisome considering the fact that good sex is one major factor for a successful marriage. This can also be a major concern if you have once lived an active sexual life, but could no longer perform effectively due to low libido. Diseases associated with sex, depression, excessive intake of alcohol etc. could be responsible for your sexual inactiveness.

Diseases Associated With Sexual Inactiveness.

  1. Diabetes – this is a disease which occurs when there is an abnormal blood sugar concentration in the body. This affects both Men and women and if not properly taking care of could lead to impotence in men. Increased blood sugar concentration in the body results to the accumulation of sugar molecules around cells which in turn blocks the circulation of blood to some part of the body, especially male organ region. Diabetes could also lead to heart disease.
  2. Gonorrhea – is an extremely contagious bacterial infection. This disease affects both men and women, it could affect your sex drive and eventually resulting to infertility in the carrier irrespective of gender if not treated. Some of the symptoms includes white to yellowish green penile discharge, pain while urinating, and pain in genitals (men). While in women, painful and frequent urination, pain in the lower abdomen, and vaginal discharge.
  3. Arthritis – this is a joint disorder that results in pain, it is hereditary and cut across age and sex. Though it is commonly found in aged people. When there is a loss in elasticity in cartilages, the ligaments and the tendons become increasingly strained which result in severe pain. Arthritis affects the quality of sex in both genders, while nurturing a severe pain, you’re unlikely to think about sex.
  4. Dyspareunia –this is also known as intercourse pain, this exclusively affects women during sex. When you experience physical pain during sex, you’re likely to be suffering from Dyspareunia. Causes include skin disorders/disease around genitals, STIs are also a major cause. Presence of this pain will affect the victim’s libido.
  5. Genital Wart and HPV – it is a disease that is sexually transmitted. The development of warts in some specific part of your body, especially genitals is a sign of genital wart. When not treated could lead to penile or cervical cancer.
  6. Hepatitis B – this is caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is a serious disease that could lead to liver failure, liver cancer and ultimately death.
  7. Low Testosterone – Testosterone is responsible for sex drive, when there is a decline in this hormone in your body system, your sex drive decreases.

 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

  • Regular Exercise – is a way to improving your sex, a regular indoor workout and outdoor exercise could help increase the production of testosterone in your body. Exercise could also help the flow of blood in your body to every necessary part.
  • Avoid Stress –Avoid any stress filled life, stress could lead to depression. When you avoid anything related to stress, you’re helping your body system to be active. Adequate sleep and light exercise will help you achieve this.
  • Food – What you ingest into your body system is very important, eat more fruits and vegetables, they are good for healthy living. If you’re suffering from diabetes, avoid food that will add sugar to your body.

Read about Titan Gel results, it can helps you to improve your sex life. Proper and effective care would definitely put a stop or reduces the risk associated with these diseases, consulting a medical expert is highly recommended. Failure to treat on time could lead to a chronic illness.

taking medicines side effects

Medicines which may influence your sexuality


Clinically depressed and experiencing low libido? You are not alone. The problems with sex or inability to have orgasm co-exist with depression. Doctors treat sex issues related to depression. Also Titan Gel for men shows good results.

Medication works on imbalance to diminish your symptoms or even offers complete relief. It is crucial to know the prescribed medication side effects and benefits that affect sex drive. Talk your concerns to your doctor and understand some facts relating to medication.

Cardiovascular drugs

The exact influence of cardiovascular drugs is unclear relating to sex life. The composition of men and women differ in hormonal influences, menopause and pregnancy. Generally, women are given less evidence-based drugs as they experience adverse reactions of the drug than men. Cardiovascular drugs affect men and there are noticeable changes in sex life.

  • Impact libido: Medications treat symptoms and on stopping it may return. Every medicine has its risks and benefits. Taking cardiovascular drugs may impact libido. It is about balancing benefits against side effects. Thus, it is tough to know how any medicine will affect you.
  • Overall treatment: Medication helps as overall treatment program. This may include peer programs, psychotherapy, and rehabilitative services helping problem that can be cured with medication alone. However, though medications may take some time to work, the side effects may initiate well before the benefits. You may need to try over one medication also to get fit.

Medication types

Medication options help to a great extent on having meaningful conversation with doctors.

  • Antidepressants: These medications reduce feelings such as depressed mood or sadness and anxiety or suicidal thoughts. They do not change personalities or make you happy suddenly.

Possible side effects: Constipation, drowsiness, weight gain, sexual problems such as side effect on libido, dry mouth and tremors.

  • Antipsychotic: These medications reduce or eliminate hearing fearful thoughts and unwanted voices. They promote thinking clearly, feeling calm, organized and staying focused. They help sleep better and communicate effectively.

Possible side effects: Blurred vision, drowsiness, increased appetite, upset stomach, weight gain, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, restlessness, muscle stiffness, and pressure.

There are many medication types such as mood stabilizers, sleeping pills, stimulants related medicines also resulting in increased libido.

A few tips to pursue sex, regardless of the medication

  • Educate yourself with resources to handle your partner and to show liking to each other.
  • Give enough time and enjoy an interruption-free sex setting.
  • Use lubrication gels and liquids to have pain-free sex.
  • Maintain physical bond by cuddling and engaging in kissing.
psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Is Erectile Dysfunction a Psychological Problem?

Right now one of the most common issues among men is erectile dysfunction which is also known as ED. For those who don’t know, ED is the inability of a person to keep his penis erect enough for sexual function. According to research, a total number of 30 million men alone in the United States is suffering from erectile dysfunction and this problem is growing at a rapid pace with the passage of time.

ED cannot be referred as a disease, in fact, it would be more convenient to call it a condition that disturbs one’s sexual life. Believe it or not, there are couples out there who aren’t enjoying a happy married life just because the husband suffers from ED and he cannot keep himself erect for sexual pleasure.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are reading this article at the moment then you probably are looking for a legit answer to the question, “What causes erectile dysfunction?” and chances are that even you are suffering from this condition at the moment. Now, honestly, there are various reasons when it comes to ED. Sometimes it’s because of a heart disease, sometimes it’s obesity and in some cases it’s the diabetes that’s causing the problem. However, research shows that men who smoke a lot or those who have excessive drinking problems, even they suffer from erection problems at some stage of their life.

The causes we just mentioned above are probably “known” in the world already but what people don’t know is the fact that sometimes ED is less of an erection issue and more of a psychological problem. Yes, you read it right and we are now going to explain how both these things are interlinked.


It is an undebatable fact that psychological issues come with different physical effects and well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that anxiety plays a vital role in our body’s performance. In fact, most of the men suffering from ED have anxiety issues, their heart rates are all pumped up all the time, they are confused and they aren’t able to focus on one thing which is why they don’t get erections.


Stress is a part and parcel of everyone’s life and well, you just can’t get rid of it easily. You might even be stressed about a presentation at work tomorrow and that stress can be enough to destroy your sexual pleasure as you won’t have an erection.

Performance Issues

Again a psychological factor, sometimes men are so excited to get in bed with their significant other and satisfy them that they fall a victim to performance anxiety. For example, questions like, “Will I be able to satisfy her?”, “Will she leave me for another man if I don’t give her enough pleasure?”, “Will she make fun of me if I won’t be able to last long in bed?” keep on popping in their heads and that’s exactly what causes ED. Titan Gel will help you to avoid such problems – check Titan Gel price in India.

Overall Verdict

It wouldn’t be right to put all the blame on the psychological factors because as said earlier, erectile dysfunction can be an issue that starts with obesity, diabetes and smoking etc. But if we talk about majority of the men then know that yes, it’s just the stress, the anxiety and the depression that’s becoming a hurdle for you in your sexual life.

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