Clinically depressed and experiencing low libido? You are not alone. The problems with sex or inability to have orgasm co-exist with depression. Doctors treat sex issues related to depression. Also Titan Gel for men shows good results.

Medication works on imbalance to diminish your symptoms or even offers complete relief. It is crucial to know the prescribed medication side effects and benefits that affect sex drive. Talk your concerns to your doctor and understand some facts relating to medication.

Cardiovascular drugs

The exact influence of cardiovascular drugs is unclear relating to sex life. The composition of men and women differ in hormonal influences, menopause and pregnancy. Generally, women are given less evidence-based drugs as they experience adverse reactions of the drug than men. Cardiovascular drugs affect men and there are noticeable changes in sex life.

  • Impact libido: Medications treat symptoms and on stopping it may return. Every medicine has its risks and benefits. Taking cardiovascular drugs may impact libido. It is about balancing benefits against side effects. Thus, it is tough to know how any medicine will affect you.
  • Overall treatment: Medication helps as overall treatment program. This may include peer programs, psychotherapy, and rehabilitative services helping problem that can be cured with medication alone. However, though medications may take some time to work, the side effects may initiate well before the benefits. You may need to try over one medication also to get fit.

Medication types

Medication options help to a great extent on having meaningful conversation with doctors.

  • Antidepressants: These medications reduce feelings such as depressed mood or sadness and anxiety or suicidal thoughts. They do not change personalities or make you happy suddenly.

Possible side effects: Constipation, drowsiness, weight gain, sexual problems such as side effect on libido, dry mouth and tremors.

  • Antipsychotic: These medications reduce or eliminate hearing fearful thoughts and unwanted voices. They promote thinking clearly, feeling calm, organized and staying focused. They help sleep better and communicate effectively.

Possible side effects: Blurred vision, drowsiness, increased appetite, upset stomach, weight gain, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, restlessness, muscle stiffness, and pressure.

There are many medication types such as mood stabilizers, sleeping pills, stimulants related medicines also resulting in increased libido.

A few tips to pursue sex, regardless of the medication

  • Educate yourself with resources to handle your partner and to show liking to each other.
  • Give enough time and enjoy an interruption-free sex setting.
  • Use lubrication gels and liquids to have pain-free sex.
  • Maintain physical bond by cuddling and engaging in kissing.