Ah, sex — the age-old enigma for men.

If you are here, the chances are good that you are wondering if you’re having enough sex. What’s the normal frequency of sex for men your age? How many times should you be having sex per day, week or month?

If this sound like you, keep on reading to get the lowdown.

The Average Frequency of Sex by Age

Teenage Years (18-20)

Teenage males (under-20s) are typically running high on testosterone. And it shows in their frequency of sex. In fact, according to a recent study, 18+ teens have an average of 3 orgasms per week or 12 times per month. In fact, in most cases, that figure is even higher.

After 20

Whether you are married, single or in a relationship, you should be having sex like crazy in your twenties. Men at their 20s are still chock-full of testosterone and their libidos run on high gear. That’s why these men are reported to having the most sexual intercourse, with a normal of twice per week, or a whopping 112 times per year. That’s according to this research conducted by the folks at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Reproduction & Gender.

After 30

At this age, the odds are that you are married with kids. According to the Kinsey study, men in their thirties have sex an average of 1.6 times each week or 86 times annually. As you can see, the average frequency of sex drops a little by age 30.

After 40

Between ages 40 and 49, men’s sexual appetite dip by a significant margin. In fact, those in this age group manage to have sex a little more than once per week, or 69 times years, to be precise. That means a man frequency of sex falls by about half by the time he hits the late 40s.

After 50

Married couples at this age are having barely any sex. Even still, only seven percent of men after 50 are impotent, with the rest having little or no problem satisfying their partners. They seem to have an average of 1.75 orgasms per week, according to Spectator Health.

After 60

Sex frequency after 60 is unsurprisingly low for men.  Whether a man is still sexually active or not often boils down to his health and fitness. According to most estimates, 60s men who are still fit and healthy can have a normal sex frequency of once per week. Kinsey Institute reports that 20% of men at this age are struggling with erectile dysfunction.

After 70+

Men in their 70s have seen better days. They could be battling a few health issues that might take a toll on their sexual lives. Nonetheless, 70% of men at this age remain potent.

Is Your Marriage Safe?

Married couples are often wondering if their sexual lives are normal. Most sex experts and therapists agree that a sexless marriage is the one where the married couple has sex 10 or fewer times a year. Titan Gel will help you with sex.
Of course, married couples and men in relationships tend to have a higher frequency of sex. Accordingly, 34% of married couples have intercourse 2-3 times per week or an average of 130 times per year. On the lower end, only 13% of married couples have sex a “few” times a year, falling under the sexless marriages.